Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I’ve Read This Year

Top Ten Tuesday 1

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Its been so loooooong. Hello again everyone! I kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while mostly because my procrastination habits caught up with me and made my last few weeks of the semester stressful and bitter. Its exam week but since classes are pretty much wrapped up, I figured it would be safe to venture back out into the real world and give my blog some much needed love.  So this week’s topic is a review of my top ten books of the year. This year was very touch and go with my reading selections. I had some that I loved and some that I REALLY hated, with more of the latter, much to my chagrin. Below is a list of my favorites in preference order.

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Top 5 Wednesday: Title Fonts on Covers

Top Five WednesdayTop 5 Wednesday is a meme created by Lainey. You can check out her Youtube channel here (which is awesome) and see upcoming topics on the Goodreads page here.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is definitely feeling like Hump Day and all I want to do is sleep in until noon tomorrow, but alas, I have school. This week’s topic is title cover fonts that we like. This one is a little strange because I don’t always notice title fonts on their own. As part of a package deal with the cover, I always have an opinion on what I like and what I don’t like, but as an aesthetic all on its own, I usually gloss over it. As I digging through my books, I noticed that the fonts that jumped out to me fell into one of two categories: fine, loopy cursive or letters shaped like symbols. Here’s my list so you can see for yourself.

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