Rating System

The following rating system will be used for any reviews I make:

Book Owl

One Owl: I didn’t enjoy the book at all. I wouldn’t touch this book again with a ten foot pole.

Book OwlBook Owl

Two Owls: I didn’t like the book overall, but it wasn’t terrible.

Book OwlBook OwlBook Owl

Three Owls: The book was pretty good, but flawed. Meh.

Book OwlBook OwlBook OwlBook Owl

Four Owls: I enjoyed the book a lot, but it wasn’t perfect. It’s missing the Secret Ingredient.

Book OwlBook OwlBook OwlBook OwlBook Owl

Five Owls: A god in book form. Nothing can come close to the perfection that is this book.

Owl images courtesy of cliparts.co 


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